Boats docked at the marina

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Water Activity Tours

View of lake (Picture BC photo)

View of lake (Picture BC photo)

Sidney's marvelous access to the ocean and its ecosystems, the Gulf Islands, marine life and seabirds bring layers of diversity and complexity to local sightseeing.

Sidney Eco Touring

Sidney's most innovative and rewarding tour may well be Captain Brian Smiley's June through Sept eco tours. Passengers voyage in comfy pontoon boats often described as "floating living rooms."

Widlife Watching

Former botanist Smiley likes to call his adventures "edu-tainment." Explore the immediate environment up-close on his 90-minute tours, and leave stupefied with wonder. Eco-cruisers can expect everything from Bald Eagles and Harbour seals to eerie karst rock formations and undersea forests of bull kelp.

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21 - 21 of 21 Results
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