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A group of friends walking on a bridge (Patrice Halley photo)

A group of friends walking on a bridge (Patrice Halley photo)

The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre plants Sidney on the eco-tourism map of the world.

Snugly located in the Sidney Pier Building, this is the contemporary aquarium at its best. Tanks and exhibits evoke a sense of wonder at the undersea world.

Another excellent learning experience is available across the street at Mineral World, where kids of all ages can explore in the Scratch Patch. Peer inside a kid-sized volcano, find out which rocks float and collect a bag of gemstones to take home.

Sidney Marine Life

The 930sqm/10,000sqft, 17-aquaria Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre is dedicated to the mysterious tapestry of marine life in the Salish Sea, the body of water between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Visitors are transfixed right off the bat with aquaria of jellyfish and brilliant orange sea nettles.

The jellyfish, in perpetual dance mode, are as fluid and graceful as a troupe of ballerinas.

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Victoria Butterfly Gardens - Brentwood Bay

1461 Benvenuto Ave
Brentwood Bay, British Columbia
V8M 1J5

Victoria Butterfly Gardens offers you a unique opportunity to experience the warmth, beauty & romance of a tropical jungle next door to the world famous Butchart Gardens. Stroll through our indoor tropical oasis where Caribbean flamingos walk through the streams & ponds among the beautiful koi, goldfish, 15 tropical fish species, Australian whistling tree ducks & red-eared slider turtles. Marvel at the red footed & sulcata tortoises, poison dart frogs, geckos & a veiled chameleon. Up to 6000 tropical free-flying butterflies, 30 species of tropical birds & the world's largest moth species. Walk past the vanilla beans growing on the vine, papaya in the trees, pineapple, coffee beans, ginger, among other plants flourishing in our organic soil. Awarded the 2013 & 2014 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

11 - 11 of 11 Results
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