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SeaWheeze Half Marathon

Vancouver Convention Centre, 999 Canada Pl, Vancouver
British Columbia, V6C 3C1

Yoga. Run. Party. Please meet the SeaWheeze (aka the most fun half-marathon in the world) taking place in our hometown of Vancouver. Come get sweaty with us on the beaches, seawalls and bridges - you might just have the best weekend of your life. We have built this half-marathon route to be a challenging, fun and beautiful love letter to Vancouver. The course is dynamic and varied; from the Douglas firs and ocean views in Stanley Park to the jet-set seawall of modern False Creek, the SeaWheeze is engineered to showcase the beauty and vibrancy of this young city.

Registration for SeaWheeze is sold out for 2015, but you can still get your tickets for the Sunset Festival! See website for more information.

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