The Salmon Arm Wharf
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Salmon Arm


Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Hiking trails around Salmon Arm range from easy strolls to tough grinds.

Many trails are multi-use, also suitable for cycling and horseback riding. Widely varied terrain includes rolling farmland, river and lakeside riparian zones, the forested uplands and open meadows of the Shuswap Highlands and the steep climbs and alpine meadows of the Monashee Mountains.

Wildlife Viewing

Look for a multitude of wildflowers and wild mushrooms that thrive in this moderate climate. Expect to see lots of wildlife: waterfowl and turtles in the wetlands, coyotes in the open, deer and maybe even a bear in the forest. Some 250 species of birds visit or live in the region, so bring binoculars. Outstanding lake and mountain views are also part of the package on nearly every trail.

Highlight Hikes

Trails around Salmon Arm

Watch for blackbirds, herons, osprey and grebes on the easiest walk in town, the Salmon Arm Nature Trail.

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Noble Adventures - Salmon Arm


At Noble Adventures, we thrive in the snow, explore in the spring, live for the summer and can't wait for the fall! British Columbia is a 4-season paradise and we are your guide, 12 months a year. We place a strong emphasis on an authentic experiences by partnering with local people and businesses in the communities we work. The company is carbon neutral and promotes balance in all aspects of our business: work, life and the environment. Best of all, we have fun making it happen.

So the next time you're in our area, join Noble Adventures on a wine tour or a hike, paddle board, snow shoe or ski vacation. You will be glad you did!

1 - 1 of 1 Results