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Quesnel offers a blend of modern hotel/motel chains, resorts and guest ranches, and unique character accommodations.

Conveniently located on the community's main corridor, tucked away by a lake, or situated in the middle of a real working ranch, there's a place in Quesnel suited to all preferences and budgets.

Hotels & Motels

Quesnel offers three hotels to choose from. More than a dozen motels, located in or near Quesnel, offer a wide range of affordable options, including several national chains which set the standard.


Quesnel's bed and breakfasts offer comfortable accommodations in peaceful settings, with great opportunities to get the inside scoop from hosts on the town's best offerings.


There are more than a dozen campgrounds in the Quesnel region, ranging from private waterfront campsites to rustic cabins and solitary campsites in provincial parks. RV service sites are also available.

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