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Antiques in a window (David Gluns photo)

Antiques in a window (David Gluns photo)

The Museum of Northern British Columbia is a must-see for anyone visiting Prince Rupert, though the town has several other unique museums.

Museum of Northern British Columbia

This outstanding museum is among the best in the region. The treasures inside are the main attraction, however, the building itself has its own presence. Located on the waterfront of First Avenue downtown, the museum is an impressive log building built in the style of a traditional Northwest Coast First Nations longhouse.

The Museum of Northern British Columbia displays items that date back to the end of the last ice age. It contains well-preserved, historical Tsimshian and other First Nations items including works of art, clothing, baskets and more. It also features more modern historical artifacts from the city's railway era.

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Prince Rupert Port Interpretive Centre - Prince Rupert

215 Cow Bay Rd
Prince Rupert, British Columbia
V8J 1A2

Located on the ground floor of the Atlin Terminal on the waterfront of Prince Rupert's historic Cow Bay district, the Port Interpretive Centre tells the story of the Port of Prince Rupert. It is a story that stretches from 10,000 years ago -when the area was a trading hub for the Tsimshian First Nation - to the present, with the rapid growth of the port's commerce in containers, coal, and grain. At the Port Interpretive Centre, explore where we come from and where we're going. Visit us for a free educational tour and discover a world of opportunity.

1 - 1 of 1 Results