Aerial view of Port McNeill and Broughton Strait
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Port McNeill

Climbing & Caving

Rock climbing (Don Weixl photo)

Rock climbing (Don Weixl photo)

Ranked among the most significant and spectacular in the world, caves in the Vancouver Island region number in the thousands. Some have been explored and charted, but most remain undeveloped.

Enjoy an exciting day spelunking on  Vancouver Island, Victoria, and the Gulf Islands. New caves and unusual land formations are being discovered all the time, especially in the North Islands region where amazing natural oddities occur at The Artlish River Caves, the Quatsino Limestone Formation, Devil's Bath, Eternal Fountain, and Disappearing River.

Please note that the Ministry of Environment discourages exploration of the unmapped caves. And when caving, it's advisable to wear sturdy boots, warm clothing, a safety helmet and a flashlight.

Northern Vancouver Island also has some of the best caving in the world. So while in the Gold River area, why not try spelunking? (Guide outfitters supply necessary equipment.

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