Two hikers on Idaho Peak in the Slocan Valley
(Dave Heath photo)

New Denver


Hotel room

New Denver has a good selection of unique accommodation options, including inns, villas with innovative architecture, bed and breakfasts, and log cabins.

Reservations are an absolute must during the busy months of July and August. Some locations also offer the chance for outdoor activities, such as canoe rentals or adventure tour programs that includes ATVs in summer and snowmobiles in winter.

New Denver and Silverton both have municipal campgrounds on the lakeshore. Facilities include boat launch ramps, fire pits, and beach access. There are also commercial campgrounds in Winlaw, Lemon Creek, Slocan, and at Summit Lake, near Nakusp.

Rosebery Provincial Park is a five-minute drive north of New Denver on the banks of Wilson Creek. Facilities for campers are minimal, but the location is convenient for exploring the Galena Trail.

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