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Ziplining & Bungee Jumping

Ziplining  (Toshi Kawano photo)

Ziplining (Toshi Kawano photo)

In Nanaimo, bungee jumping and other extreme activities are on offer to visiting thrill-seekers.

Formerly known as the Bungy Zone, WildPlay Elements Park (about 20 minutes' drive south of the city off the Trans-Canada Highway) continues the tradition of bungee jumping in Nanaimo... along with an expanded range of activities such as the King Swing and TreeGo, a tree-top obstacle course.

Bungee Jumping in Nanaimo

Safe but heart-poundingly exciting bungee jumps in a forested river-canyon setting remain the signature activity at WildPlay Elements Park. These adventures are not for the faint of heart – not when one willingly lashes a giant elastic band around the ankles and plummets head-first off a 140ft/42m bridge towards the alarmingly shallow Nanaimo River. Don't be surprised if the E&N Railway stops on the adjacent railway bridge to give its passengers a look at the spring-loaded action.

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1 Ziplining & Bungee Jumping in Nanaimo

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WildPlay Nanaimo - Nanaimo

35 Nanaimo River Rd
Nanaimo, British Columbia
V9X 1S5

Unleash one of the most primal fun & games in Nanaimo, where adults, teens, and kids are enjoying active nature-based recreation on the:

Monkido® Aerial Adventure - Climb, zip, jump, and swing across dozens of tree-top obstacles and games. Six to sixty feet above ground you'll find the coolest "monkey-see, monki-do" activity.

Dragonfly Zipline - Two swift and scenic guided flights span the Park and soar through the Nanaimo River canyon.

Primal Swing - A speeding, screaming 140-foot swoop from the trestle-bridge and through the Nanaimo River canyon! The pendulum ride of a lifetime.

Bungee Jump- Leap from the trestle-bridge, 150-feet above the Nanaimo River to earn bragging rites - like over 255,000 people who've taken the plunge!

Walk-ins welcome during regular check-ins.

1 - 1 of 1 Results