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A group of friends walking on a bridge (Patrice Halley photo)

A group of friends walking on a bridge (Patrice Halley photo)

Ever since explorer Simon Fraser remarked, "We have surely encountered the gates of hell," the narrow river channel called "Hell's Gate" has been a star attraction of Lytton and the Fraser Canyon.

With 200 million gallons/760 million litres of water crashing through a 33m/110ft wide passage every minute, waves thunder into violent whirlpools as they hurtle downstream. The flow is twice the volume of Niagara Falls.

For an up-close encounter with this raging river, hop aboard Hell's Gate Airtram in one of two fully automated twin cabin air trams that glide 152m/500ft down to a patio complex. Here, at the water's edge, is Simon's Cafe restaurant, a gold panning flue and a carving called The Simon Fraser Wall, which depicts the explorer's perilous passage.

Hell’s Gate Airtram also has a fudge factory, a haunted gift shop, a suspension bridge and more.

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Hell's Gate Airtram - Boston Bar

43111 Trans Canada Hwy
Boston Bar, British Columbia
V0K 1C0

Drive the scenic Fraser Canyon with its 7 mountain tunnels through the historic heart of BC & relive the biggest 'rush' on the Gold Rush Trail. Hell's Gate Airtram is in a location so unique, the 'afterlife' have come back to use it as a playground. Early explorers refer to it as 'a place where no human being should venture' and man and nature battle here for supremacy. Experience this place for yourself as you exchange mountain ranges aboard one of the only descending gondolas in North America.

Hell's Gate Airtram was awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (2014).

Please note that your admission ticket is good any day during the season it was bought.

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