Aerial view of Lumby
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Skydiving & Gliding


Hang gliding

Lumby is a must-fly area for paragliding and hang gliding enthusiasts. The dry climate, numerous safe launch sites, abundant flat landing sites and constantly excellent thermals make for a great experience.

The British Army has repeatedly chosen this area for training programs and Lumby has frequently hosted the regional, provincial and Canadian National hang gliding and paragliding championships.

Where to Take Off

Maintained by the Lumby Air Force, Cooper's Launch, northwest of Lumby, is ranked among the most secure flying sites in Canada. Open to visiting pilots, conditions here are best in the morning and early afternoon. Across the valley at Saddle Mountain, start flying around noon, but this launch is restricted to flyers accompanied by a local pilot.

West of Lumby, the King Edward site (managed by Paraglide Canada) and Vernon Mountain also offer grassy take-off slopes and plenty of open landing zones.

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