Chainsaw carvings in Henry Stege Park

(Don Petit/Hudson's Hope Tourism photo)

Hudson's Hope


Hotel room

While a relatively small community, Hudson's Hope has a fairly good range of accommodation options.

Choose from budget hotels and motels; scenic country lodges with hiking, horseback riding and fishing; and camping and RV facilities.

Many accommodations are within easy walking distances of in-town amenities, while most camping and resort opportunities are farther from town.

Hotels and Motels

Enjoy budget to mid-range stays at hotels, motels and inns. Pets are welcome at some locations, and amenities can include cable, kitchen units and on-site dining.

Camping & RV

Settle down for the night close to town or unwind while camping by the Peace River, Dinosaur Lake, or Cameron Lake.

To book approved accommodation in Hudson's Hope and area, please use the booking tool below:

  • Select your location and choose your preferred type of accommodation, and we'll provide you with a list of approved lodgings.

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