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Historic & Heritage Sites

Heritage buildings  (Picture BC photo)

Heritage buildings (Picture BC photo)

Greenwood is a living museum where historic and heritage sites are the fabric of everyday life.

Look in any direction and see reminders of the copper mining and smelting wealth that led to the founding of Canada's "smallest city." Look a little deeper and see the remnants of one of the most shameful episodes in this country's history, and one of its best stories of healing and redemption.

Greenwood Museum

Greenwood hosts an astonishingly good museum for a place with just 625 inhabitants. Locals cherish their history and volunteers work hard to make it accessible to visitors.

Duck beneath the timber beams of a "mine entrance" to see a display of artifacts. Learn about the Mother Lode and Phoenix claims from historic photos. Understand the scope of operations at the BC Copper Smelter from a scale model and panoramic image. And get a sense of the boom and optimism of a community that mushroomed to 3,000 people then "busted" to just 200.

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Rock Candy Mine - Grand Forks


Your family can experience the thrill of finding crystal treasures in a spectacular wild mountain environment. Imagine a place where the ground is covered with beautiful green and purple fluorite, and the land owners are friendly, so you can pick up all you want!

Our heritage 1920's mine property hosts a safe and exciting adventure. Your guide will show you how to collect sparkling quartz crystal geodes, green and purple fluorite crystals, and our famous yellow barite crystals, while enjoying the view from our mountain top above the Granby. We provide hammers and safety goggles. Please wear closed-toe shoes as rocks can be sharp.

Rock Candy fluorite and barite specimens are prized by museums world wide!

1 - 1 of 1 Results