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Hang gliding

Every summer, thousands of people take off from the summit of Golden's Mount Seven - into the magical world of silent, unpowered flight, 1,000m/3,000ft above the valley floor.

Pilots from all over the world come here, looking for the thermals that make it possible to fly record-breaking distances. Experienced pilots regularly achieve cross-country flights in excess of 100km/62mi.

For the rest of us, the challenge might be more personal in nature. It takes a certain character to step out into thin air with nothing but a fabric wing to keep them from heading straight down.

More information on skydiving and gliding can be found at the Golden Visitor Centre.

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Parapete Tandems - Golden

872 McBeath Rd
Golden, British Columbia
V0A 1H0

Parapete Tandems offers Tandem Paragliding with your own instructor. The world renowned Mt. 7 take-off, perched in the Rocky Mountains high above the town of Golden, allows for almost a 4000 ft vertical glide to the valley floor. Soar the spectacular snow-capped scenery of the Rocky Mountains with both Bald & Golden Eagles or try spotting a bear or elk in the Columbia Wetlands. Choose from a gentle cruising flight, a longer thermic flight or one with some "g" forces (weather dependent). Relive your memory with a CD featuring inflight photos/videos shot with the amazing clarity of a GoPro camera.

1 - 1 of 1 Results