Gabriola Island South Beach (Richard Pullano photo)

Gabriola Island South Beach

(Richard Pullano photo)

Gabriola Island


Hotel room

Gabriola Island has no luxury hotels or resorts, but does have a wide range of accommodations including a private resort, inn, B&Bs, vacation rentals, and campgrounds.

Since there's no downtown, they're scattered around the island and some are just minutes from the ferry.

Many B&Bs offer extras including panoramic ocean views, private decks, hot tubs, fireplaces and barbecues, massage, self-catering and proximity to golf, shopping and restaurants.


Located near the ferry terminal, Descanso Bay Regional Park has campsites with oceanfront views. One nearby bay is designated for harvesting oysters, clams and mussels straight from the beach. Campsites are also available in the gardens and forest at a resort near Silva Bay.

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