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Historic Hat Creek Ranch

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Heritage buildings  (Picture BC photo)

Heritage buildings (Picture BC photo)

There is no better way for an urban cowboy to experience how real ranchers once lived than at Historic Hat Creek Ranch in Cache Creek or at the Ashcroft Manor & Teahouse.

Or, go even further back in time digging for ancient fossils at the McAbee Fossil Beds; guided fossil bed tours are available and provide all the equipment needed to search for fossilized plants or insects that can be up to 50 million years old.

Historic Hat Creek Ranch

Historic Hat Creek Ranch, which dates back to 1861, is located at the junction of Highways 97N and 99, 11 km/8.5mi north of Cache Creek. This ranch is one of the best preserved and accessible historic sites in British Columbia that was a popular stop for tired travellers during the Gold Rush boom, offering good meals and a place to sleep. In 1863 the building momentum of the Gold Rush brought the Royal Engineers and the Cariboo Wagon Road.

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Shuswap Native Village - Cache Creek

Junction Hwy 97/99
Cache Creek, British Columbia
V0K 1H0

Long before the Gold Rush miners, settlers & ranchers arrived in this valley, people of the Shuswap Nation followed a nomadic lifestyle here. The Shuswap Native village is operated by members of the local Bonaparte (Stuctwesemc) Band & features traditional shelters, hunting & fishing gear, cook pits & a "kekuli" pit house, built half above & half underground. Our guides will show you the crafts, tools & technologies of a self-sufficient culture that has always closely integrated the natural resources of this region into their lifestyle.

1 - 1 of 1 Results