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Limo / Taxi / Water taxi

Taxis and/or limos are available in all large cities, many small towns and at most airports. Hours of operation and availability vary depending on company and location. Some companies accept reservations.

Water Taxis

Water taxis provide access to many remote islands and inlets along the coast. They also ferry people short distances in waterfront cities and towns.

For more information on taxis and water taxis, contact the nearest Visitor Centre.

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11 Limo / Taxi / Water taxi in British Columbia

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YYJ Airport Shuttle - Sidney

1640 Electra Boulevard
Sidney, British Columbia
V8L 5V4

An affordable and reliable airport shuttle offering round-trip service to Victoria International Airport. Riders can call to arrange a pick-up or board at any scheduled stop.

We're cheaper than a taxi (at $40* round-trip) and our professional drivers will be more than happy to help handle your luggage.

Book online or call us toll free.

*$40 is based on drop-off and pick-up from a hotel located in the downtown Victoria area.

11 - 11 of 11 Results
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