The Atnarko River near Bella Coola
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Bella Coola

Bear Watching

Grizzly bear crossing a stream (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Grizzly bear crossing a stream (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

The Bella Coola Valley and adjoining Tweedsmuir Park are home to a large population of grizzly and black bears and bear watching has become a popular activity here.

The animals actively roam over a wide area late in the day and throughout the night and to the casual visitor can occasionally be hard to spot. Some, but not all bears tend to follow the ripening fruit and vegetation up into the surrounding hillsides during spring and summer, and then return to the valley floor in late August to feast on the spawning salmon.

When to Bear Watch in Bella Coola

Although visitors may spot bears while driving, knowing when and where to view bears and safely and more closely can be a challenge. Local Bella Coola Valley guides offer bear-watching trips and tours during the bear "season." These tours are either by boats that "drift" the rivers or take enthusiasts hiking to the best spots. Going with a guide is certainly the recommended approach, and will ensure that both bear and visitor are safe.

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Kynoch Adventure Tours - Bella Coola

Bella Coola Mountain Lodge
Bella Coola, British Columbia
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Join our tours with professional biologists to float tranquil rivers in search of wild grizzly & black bears. We may also see eagles, salmon, & other wildlife roaming & feeding in coastal streams & inlets from our expedition rafts & boats or on our ecological walking tours searching for grizzly bears. For a family friendly tour & something a little different & exciting, try our eco-rafting tours.

Kynoch Adventures & Bella Coola Mountain Lodge provide premier sustainable wildlife & wilderness tours throughout Bella Coola Valley & can arrange full itineraries including accommodation, meals, transfers & tours. From our beautiful lodge, to the majestic scenery & wildlife, BC's central-coast will be the highlight of your holiday.


Tweedsmuir Lodge Grizzly Bear Tours - Bella Coola

7001 Corbould Rd
Bella Coola, British Columbia
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Our Grizzly Bear Tours have been selected by the Canadian Tourism Commission as part of their "Signature Experiences Collection"! Tours run between August & October. This is when the local rivers are teeming with salmon which draw the Grizzly Bears hoping to fatten up for the winter. At this time of year the Grizzlies are intent on fishing & are more tolerant of both other bears & people & are therefore much easier to observe.

Accompanied by an experienced guide, our non-motorized drift trips are the perfect way to see the bears and wildlife of the Bella Coola Valley.

Accolades: Founding member of The Magnificent 7 Luxury Wilderness Lodges of Canada; TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence (2012, 2013 & 2014) & Traveller's Choice Award: "Top Small Hotels of Canada"(2014)!

1 - 2 of 2 Results