The Atnarko River near Bella Coola
(Picture BC photo)

Bella Coola

Historic & Heritage Sites

Heritage buildings  (Picture BC photo)

Heritage buildings (Picture BC photo)

Bella Coola people pride themselves on their interesting history, and while there are no grand or ancient castles to visit, the heritage sites here are no less fascinating, and far more fragile.

Old-Growth Forests

Natural historic sites abound in Bella Coola. Visitors can hike through the trails at Snootli Park on Walker Park Rd to view an old-growth forest, one of many in the area. As they have for centuries, First Nations people still harvest cedar bark from standing trees in the park.

Bella Coola Petroglyphs

Deep in the rainforest by Thorsen Creek is Bella Coola's most ancient site, which has a number of petroglyphs (rock carvings). These petroglyphs have spiritual significance to the Nuxalk people. Visitors to the nearby Petroglyph Gallery may see the opening to the trail that leads to the Petroglyphs. Located on private land, visitors are cautioned not to venture in without a guide. Enquire at the Visitor Centre about this possibility but note that in an effort to protect the petroglyphs until proper measures can be taken to have them viewed safely, public access is quite restricted.

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