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Oyama Zipline Forest Adventure

One of Okanagan's favourite attractions is thrilling for everyone in your group. More rides, faster rides & the only SIDE-BY-SIDE ZIPLINES (we believe in togetherness)! 3-hour premium full-on zippark (7073 ft of cable) through pristine forest ages 8-88 enjoy. 20 minutes north of Kelowna Airport experience a wider variety of rides including 'trapdoor starts', jungle-like rope bridges & varying line tensions. Whiz through the trees & enjoy racing your buddy.

SEVEN ZIPLINE RIDES one-after-the-other (no hiking)! Fast (85 km/hr), high (with bellies for that free-fall sensation), some 1500 ft (457 m) long rides with big 180º lakeviews from grand take-off towers. Best of all, urban-convenient, minutes to beaches/parks/pubs. Pleasant scenic drive passing farms, patio bars, markets, art galleries & shopping. Plus teambuilding corporate area. Licensed catering. New Boomerang Ride.


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Months of Operation

Please note:  Open mid-April to mid-October.

Amenities & Facilities *

Pets Allowed (Conditions may apply)
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Policies & Restrictions

Cancellation Policy
Reserve with credit card. Transferable re: person/date.
Group Policy
Group events can include catering. Corporate team building/staff parties. Birthday/celebration tours welcome. Please see our website for details and discounts.
Age Restrictions
The course is designed to be both an exciting adrenaline rush as well as a fun family experience. Children (and seniors) are able to zip and execute safe landings. See notes regarding weight. Minors MUST have legal guardian sign a waiver. Details on website.
Clothing Gear Required
Footwear should be closed-toed and securely fastened. NO flip-flops, rubber boots, high heels, etc. Clothing should be comfortable, durable and weather appropriate. Items not recommended include jewelry and watches. Items not permitted while participating: tobacco products, gum, candy, alcohol or drugs. It is recommended that long hair be tied back and your camera clipped to your harness.
Mobility Restrictions
Ziplining is dynamic and demands that participants be ready for 3 hours of physical activity. Guests should be mentally and physically ready to walk nature paths, climb stairs, hang in a harness, and follow guides' safety instructions. Unlike other ziplines, Oyama Ziplines are one-after-the-other and involve very little walking between 7 zip lines runs. Guests should not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol that could impair their ability to walk, balance or communicate.
Weight Restriction
22 kg (49 lbs) - 125 kg (275 lbs). We've experience great success with (athletically-inclined) lighter weight children; ie: very few 'mid-air retrievals'. Please call if you have questions.