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Bill Miller
Ride along with us as we take you into Sasquatch country that so few have ever experienced. Listen as your guide talks about the best evidence found to date pertaining to existence of the creature known as Sasquatch. Let us tell you what we believe the Sasquatch to be & how & why it has remained elusive for so long. Your adventure is sure to be a most memorable one, filled with on-location, eye-witness accounts, beautiful scenery & plenty of amusing anecdotes. Extended or personalized adventures are available.


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Months of Operation

Please note:  Operation is subject to current safety and/or weather conditions at the time of departure.

Policies & Restrictions

Cancellation Policy
Within 4-14 days prior, receive 50% refund of booking payment. Non-refundable 4 days prior to scheduled date. See website.
Group Policy
See "Reservation & Cancellation Policy" on the Rates page of our website.
Age Restrictions
Children should be four years & older & must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Clothing Gear Required
Dress accordingly to weather conditions.
Mobility Restrictions
Call in advance about special needs concerns prior to booking.
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