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Terminal City Police Department is recruiting new detectives - you got what it takes? Solve a murder mystery with clues, puzzles, brain-teasers, twists and turns scattered across Vancouver's historic Gastown.

You can also choose the role of Special Agent on our latest game, Secret Mission. You'll have two hours to save downtown Vancouver from total destruction by an evil, secret society. On the way, you'll visit some of downtown's greatest sights, from the Art Gallery, to historic Hastings Street, to the Marine Building.

In our games, you'll be playing with your closest friends or family, in teams of two to five. Got more than five? We'll split your group into multiple teams and have you compete against each other.


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Cancellation Policy
Full refund cancellation at least 24 hours before the event.
Group Policy
Got more than five players? Email us to arrange a private game at a time of your choosing.
Mobility Restrictions
Our games take place on the streets of downtown Vancouver, so guests need to be mobile. Be prepared to be on your feet and walking for two hours. Wheelchair users will have no problem playing the games.
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